My name is Chris Olson, I am the professional  filmmaker of Chris Olson Films. I began my career as a filmmaker in 2014 creating highlight videos from Rubik's cube competitions. Now, I have one awards for my documentary “Why We Cube” as well as created a documentary for Netflix.

I am proficient in a wide variety of styles, but specialize in promotional, event, and documentary style videos. Combining elements such as music, color, movement, and storyline bring new levels of excitement to each project.  While officially based in Minneapolis Minnesota, travel is something that I enjoy and have a passion for capturing.  Being able to expose parts of the world to people in a way they have never experienced is the inspiration for my work.


I've been competitively solving Rubik's cubes for over a decade. After my first 4 years of speedcubing, I broke the 2x2 world record average 3 times and I've ranked top 100 in several other events. My personal best for the standard 3x3 Rubik's cube is 4.95 seconds. Below you can see a video from one of my competitions.